Aligning Values To Build Successful Relationships Since Day 1.

Integrity Accountability Curiosity

to be vigilant

We are hyper aware.

We understand that early-stage startups are vulnerable. At times, it can feel like being the center of a battlefield, taking fire from all sides. The intense market competition, the team instability, and the race to meet customer expectations can quickly turn the tide in either direction. If optimism is an entrepreneur’s default state, fear is the proverbial canary in the coal mine.

to be agile

We are versatile.

When it comes to startups, many falsely believe the limiting factor is either capital or talent, but in reality, a founder’s greatest limiting factor becomes time. At Celtic House, we support our founders by fighting for their time. Whether it is BD, finance, business strategy, or even ground operations, when we see an opportunity to help, we take it.

to be mission-driven

We are persistent.

We know that a startup’s success is not determined by a single moment or decision but by the cumulative effort and perseverance of the founder and the team. That’s why we are in it for the long haul. While fear keeps us motivated and agility allows us to stay ahead of the game, a shared mission brings us together as a cohesive team.