Alex Chang Photo

Alex Chang

Venture Partner

Qidong Alex joined Celtic House as the firm’s subject matter expert on medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health. He specializes in product development and go-to-market strategies.

Prior to joining Celtic House, Alex spent over 20+ years in healthcare and worked with various incumbents and category-defining companies like Novartis, Allergan, Thermo Fisher, Apple Health, and AliveCor. He was a Limited Partner and investor for CentreGold Capital, contributing to a 30x MOIC in its six portfolio companies at the close of 2021. 

Alex is a co-founder at ZenBiomed, Inc., providing regulatory consultation and staffing needs for life science companies globally. He is also an angel investor and a strategic regulatory advisor for several healthcare startups, including Alto Pharmacy, Koya Medical, and Eysz Lab. Alex has an MBA from Santa Clara University, focused on Entrepreneurship.